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    Screenshots / Gameplay Trailer
    zoomF1 Driver Screenshot 1
    zoomF1 Driver Screenshot 2
    zoomF1 Driver Screenshot 3
    filmF1 Driver Gameplay Trailer
    Game Description
    3D sports racing game. Formula drivers, start your engines! There is one rule - to pass each track with the best possible result. The game has a unique opportunity to transfer control to the computer to study the behavior of bots and then come up with the tactics of overtaking.
    • System Requirements
      Not Low-End Not Mid-End Not Hi-End
      Minimum System Requirements
      Netbooks and low-end desktop PCs

      - Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
      - Processor 1000 MHz or better
      - RAM 1024 MB
      - GeForce4 MX or on-board graphics
      - DirectX 9.0 or higher
      - DirectX-compatible sound card
    • Supported Game Controllers
      No Mouse
      No Gamepad
      Gamepad / Joystick
      No Touch Screen
      Touch Screen
    • Game Rating
    This game, like other games on our website, is provided free of charge legally, as it was licensed or sublicensed to us by a game developer or a game publisher, or was developed by our internal game development studio. Distribution and modification of this game and promotional materials without our permission is prohibited.

    Download Free Full Version Now - F1 Driver

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    Download Free Full Version Now - F1 Driver